Bodha's Impact Industries wise

Bodha's journey started with addressing the serious of 'Contact diseases' spreading through commonly used shaving Brushes and Razors, so we worked our way to design the world's 1st Organic shaving brush, after immense brainstorming  sessions we found Bodha has great applications across many other industries.

Direct Impact 

Industries and market scope where bodha products can be directly used.

Salons - Grooming Industry

For replacing the commonly used shaving brush and razor, making Salons more hygienic.

Hotels - Hospitality Industry

Replacing the Singe-Use plastic with Organic Bodha grooming kits will reduce a huge ecological impact.


In Hospitals where highly sterile environment is needed, there is no better option than using a disposable Shaver and razor.

Pilgrim centers

Using a disposable Razor will help in stopping the spreading of communicable diseases.
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