Bodha awards and Accolades

Bodha started with a single agenda to be a preventive solution to diseases spreading through commonly used shaving brushes and razors and also to decrease the Singe-Use plastic.
Over the period we very glad that we received incredible mentor ship which led in the right path of building a great product which is solving a real world problem, and at the same time making the World a better place. 

Over a period our sound research in inventing 'Bodha' products helped receive great exposure both Nationally and Internationally. Bodha stood on the brighter side of start up eco-system where we build products which are appealing to our customers and at the same received great critical acclaim. 

Awards we won

Prestigious Bio technology ignition grant 2018.
Best Invention award from International Federation of Innovators 
Times of India - Power of Ideas Award.
Best Scale up award 2017 and 2018 - IKP Knowledge Park
Best Innovator Award from - National Institute of 
Rural Development

Agri Bio Best Start up Award from 
Federation of Asian Biotech Associations [FABA]
Best Accelerator Award from XLR8
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