Bodha gives the solutions to solve the spreading of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases by dangerous viruses, bacteria in salons. The disposable Hygienic salon kit (including gel-coated organic shaving brush, Razor, and Cape) gives the zero chance of the spread of diseases occurring in common salons shops. 

Bodha Features

Organic & Eco-Friendly

The Organic disposable shaving brush is single use which is safe.

Prevents Diseases

Safety from contracting communicable diseases like HEPATITIS, Skin Allergies.

Better Shave

Raises the facial hair and you get a closer shave, opens up pores and exfoliates the skin.

Organic Fiber 

Organic Fiber Bristles are made from discarded crop fibers to give a soothing effect with smooth shave.
**The above benefits are arrived based on various trials conducted by us on various customers who found the usage of this shaving brush very smooth relaxing and free from any skin disorders which occurs due to usage of normal plastic, animal fur hair shaving brush

About Us

Sowjanya Healthcare Solutions is a Women -Owned Company started in 2016, Bodha Organic Shaving Brush is one of the Potential product invented by founder of the company Sowjanya Madala. We find various problems with using common used shaving brushes. These problems identified by Indian national institute of study for liver and world health organization also.
Founders recognize the importance of organic disposable shaving products that contribute for the safety, development and conservation our ecological system. As a result of this understanding, Bodha was driven to manufacture high class Organic Disposable Shaving Brush that greatly helps to control spread of HEPATITIS-B and other skin diseases
Sowjanya Madala, Founder Bodha
A Post Graduate in Physics as well as a Bachelor in Education (B.Ed.) with experience in Teaching and Business Management, she brings to her job a diverse range of experience and expertise that has helped guide the company along the right path. With a rich background in farming, she stays on par with the latest developments in the marketplace and the world of shaving supplies. With her dedication and commitment, she beautifully balances family and professional life to perfection.


Our hard work and sound research helped combined with the right mentor ship we received, helped us alot in getting International and national accolades.
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What People Says

  • I stated that the plastic pollution has become a global phenomenon across the globe and even to the most remote locations. Harmful chemicals are seen in every product which has been distracting people’s health and lifestyle. I personally had a good interest in the organic products, as they are chemical-free, non-toxic and odor-free, to conserve the planet and Eco system. I believes that Bodha will definitely be a potential product to be suggested to any individual/industry. As his initiation to reduce environmental damage and pollution levels, I had granted a contract to Bodha group to serve AP Govt. hotel chains with daily shaving requirements to their esteemed customers.

    Mr G Uma Maheswara Rao

    Executive Engineer: AP Tourism
  • I stated that organic and natural ingredients are becoming increasingly popular in shaving preparations and saloons are now employing natural ingredients to position the products as safer and chemical free. Customers are turning more health conscious and showing great interest in the organic shaving products. In most of the regular saloons the synthetic fiber and animal fur hair brushes are commonly used for shaving purpose and repetitively applied on countless people. Barbers will generally buy a cheaper synthetic fiber and animal fur hair brush (costing INR 35) and will be using it till the bristles goes off. The repetitive usage of this synthetic brush is leading to a high risk of contracting severe skin allergies. I believe that if the barbers and customers are educated with the benefits of natural and organic products, then there will be huge consumption and great demand for the product in domestic and global marketplaces.

    Mr G Nageswara Rao

    President of AP Barbers Association
  • I described a real situation faced by my father, who was a former Indian navy officer. After having a shave from the regular saloon, my father felt itchiness which resulted in a severe allergy over the shaving area. He had undergone serious medication for a month and was away from the services during that period. This situation made me to realize the importance of organic products and started using them for the daily rituals. Since then he carries his own organic shaving kit (Bodha) for a shave in saloons.

    Kranthi kumar

    Investment Manager
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