Bodha is first of it's kind Organic Disposable Shaving Brush.

It’s simple, sustainable and affordable with biodegradability.

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Bodha Features

Who seeks after it and wants to have it

The Organic Disposable Shaving Brush is a single use which is safe, healthy and hygienic, innovative and Eco friendly.
Safety from spread of communicable diseases like HEPATITIS, Skin Allergies.
Raises the facial hair and you get a closer shave
Opens up your pores,Massages and exfoliates the skin.
The soft bristles of the shaving brush together with the lather and the circular moves, softens your facial hair and exfoliates the skin removing dead cells.
Organic Fiber Bristles are made from Banana Stem extracts to give a soothing effect with smooth shave
* The above benefits are arrived based on various trial conducted by us on various custumers who found the usage of this shaving brush very smooth relaxing and free from any skin disorders which occur usage of normal plastic, animal fur hair shaving brush

Bodha Shaving Brush

This is Why You Will
Love Bodha

Only pure, natural and organic materials are used in the
manufacturing of the organic disposable shaving brush.
Raw material procured from farmers and processed
into bristles.
this product will create large-scale rural employment
especially for women, and generate more income to
the banana growers.

  • Saves human life from communicable diseases
  • Hygienic product from renewable source
  • Saves environment
  • Saves wild Animals

About Us

Sowjanya Healthcare Solutions is a Women -Owned Company started in 2016, Bodha Organic Shaving Brush is one of the Potential product invented by founder of the company Sowjanya Madala. We find various problems with using common used shaving brushes. These problems identified by Indian national institute of study for liver and world health organization also.
Founders recognize the importance of organic disposable shaving products that contribute for the safety, development and conservation our ecological system. As a result of this understanding, Bodha was driven to manufacture high class Organic Disposable Shaving Brush that greatly helps to control spread of HEPATITIS-B and other skin diseases

Ms. Sowjanya Madala

A Post Graduate in Physics as well as a Bachelor in Education (B.Ed.) with experience in Teaching and Business Management, she brings to her job a diverse range of experience and expertise that has helped guide the company along the right path. With a rich farming background, she stays abreast about the latest developments in the marketplace and the world of shaving supplies. With her dedication and commitment, she beautifully balances family and professional life to perfection.

Our services

Personal grooming Shaving kit:

  • This shaving kit consisting of a razor, organic brush and shaving gel,
    has been packed specially for hotel guests and tourists.

  • Barber Shaving kit :

  • This shaving kit consisting of a barber disposable razor, organic brush
    and shaving gel, has been packed specially for salon goers.
    This is for single use, will give hygienic service to customers.:

BODHA'S contribution towards Safety, Development and Conservation of Our ECOLOGICAL SYSTEM

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